IMG_7041.JPGClasses start tomorrow!  Today, we stood in a very, very long line to get our Chilean IDs and then went on a (shorter-than-intended) city tour, which included a stop at our university.  My host mom, Imelda, accompanied me through the metro to our group’s meeting spot and then “picked me up” at the end of the day so she could help figure out the way home.  The metro system is MUY easy to navigate.  It was engineered so that the lines would travel essentially in straight lines, so the trains don’t have dividers between the cars – it’s just like one, big train car.  There are also symbols on the map that show which stations have bus terminals; the bus and train systems are interconnected because they are publicly run, so you can use the same payment card – Bip! Card – for both.  Very handy.  Way less confusing than some other subway systems of the world.

I still honestly don’t know much about Santiago, but I at least know that it is beautiful and full of fun things to do: hike the hills, go to the pool at the top of the hill, sit in “las areas verdes” aka parks, eat ice cream, go to museums and very old churches/cathedrals, learn about the history of the city and country, go shopping, find the music festivals and join the festivities, watch movies in the parks…  The list goes on.

I’m getting to know my compañeros a little better, too, and I very much look forward to taking classes with them (including dance class) and continuing to learn with and about them.  Our group is made up of about 40 people from all over the United States.  It’s cool getting to do all of this with strangers (not for long) who share an interest in learning the Spanish language (duh) and in outdoors-y things (like hiking and hammocking!) and in lots of other things I like!  Cheers to fun times, fun friends, and ciudades hermosas.

Peace and Blessings x

(From Las Condes, Santiago)


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