In 48 hours, I will be in seat 26A, flying toward Santiago, Chile.  I’m not sure that I’m “ready” in the conventional sense of being certain that I’ve packed everything I will need or being totally informed about the situation I’m walking into or being able to speak the native language fluently, but I’m definitely excited!  That’s what counts, right?  I’ve been planning this study-abroad semester since the beginning of last fall.  It’s been such a long time in the works that I can hardly believe I am actually going to be doing it in just a couple of short days…

I hope to not only live in this city over the next five months but also to learn about the people, place, and culture in a way that cannot happen while just “on vacation.”  This semester, I will be taking six classes at la Universidad Andrés Bello, including a one-credit course called “Dances of Latin America.”  For anyone who knows me, you know that this one is going to be an adventure for me and should be entertaining (hopefully not too painful) for my classmates.  Stay tuned for that one!

I will also be volunteering with a Christian Ministry Fellowship International (CMFI) ministry called Globalscope.  Globalscope in Santiago reaches out to local college-aged students, and I will be in an internship-like position — organizing events, getting to know the students, etc.  I’m especially excited to be able to join this community  because I don’t know anyone in the city, but it will also be a wonderful way for me to serve the Lord and the people whom I will be living alongside .

Through words and pictures, I hope to capture and share the excitement and new-ness and different-ness and Chilean-ness of it all.  If you want to learn about the cuisine, public transportation, southern-hemisphere climate… or about my new friends, Chilean classes, struggles with real-life Spanish, or inevitable emotional roller coaster, please come back to this site every week or so!


Peace and blessings x

(From Fallston, MD)


4 thoughts on “48 Hours…

  1. I’ve always been fascinated by Chile; it has such spectacular landscapes! Your life will be so enriched by this experience. Many blessings to you on this trip!


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